Morning Walk In

(Scene: Gio walking down the street to work. The sun is just peeking out between the buildings, and the sidewalk is empty in this part of town. Gio hums a tune to himself as he strolls down the sidewalk alone. That is until…)

Gio: Doo doo doo la la la. Today is gonna be a good day, tra la la…

(A homeless man walks out of a dark parking garage, half shuffling, half stumbling in the direction of the isolated Gio)

Gio: No worries, Gio, it’s just a nice homeless man. The worst he’s gonna do is ask for your steak lunch and asparagus. You can find some food on the 4th floor if you need to. Just try to avoid eye contact, that’s it!

(Homeless Man get within 5 feet of Gio as Gio is literally walking in the street now to avoid contact)

Homeless Man: Hey! Excuse me, hey!

(Gio looks up and makes eye contact with Homeless Man, admonishing himself for the mistake. Homeless Man’s face is swollen and his beady eyes look dead inside. Gio then responds confusingly.)

Gio: Me? Yeah?

(Gio holds out his lunch in front of himself, as if it was a shield that protects from super-strength Homeless Man meth attacks)

Homeless Man: What time is it?

(Gio thinks to himself “Don’t pull out your phone, that’s what he wants you to do. He’s not after your food after all, it’s the iPhone he wants!”)

Gio: Off the top of my head it’s about 7:30.

(Gio then quickly lowers his eyes as to avert any more interaction and begins walking past)

Homeless Man: In the morning?

(Homeless Man looks utterly confused and surprised at the revelation that it is early morning and not, in fact, late evening.)

Gio: Yeah in the morning.

Homeless Man: Ooooh!

(Homeless Man turns and shuffles off as Gio quickly crosses the street, thankful to still not only still have his dignity intact, but also his steak dinner)

The End


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