Morning Walk In – 2

(The mist from the morning sun is still hanging in the air and the trickle of water can be heard as the overnight rain drains to the sewers. Gio walks the 3 blocks briskly from the parking lot to his building in order to arrive early to work.)Gio: “I’m gonna get started early today! La la la, doot doo doo…

(The sound of a screechy voice calls from his right as he approached an intersection.)

Woman: “ ‘Scuse muh! Hey suun! I’m so lerst.”

Gio: “Hi… You said you’re lost?”

Woman: “Yup I’m sooo lerst. Ahh don know wherr I’m at.”

Gio: “Oh no… What are you looking for?”

Woman: “Welp ya see, I wuz hit this murnin, see???”

(The rough-looking 40-something woman proceeds to lift up her loose-fitting blouse and reveals what she claims to be a bruise but looks a lot like scabies or maybe eczema. Two more things she reveals are her propensity to go bra-less aaannnd…… a nipple???……….. Yup, it’s definitely a nipple. As Gio averts his eyes, he continues his questions.)

Gio: “Somebody hit you?”

Woman: “Yaahhh! Curr hit muh! I’m lookin’ fer Gran Slam. Ya know werr that’s at?”

Gio: “A car hit you? Are you ok?”

Woman: “I’m fine. I’m lookin’ fer Gran Slam. I’m so lerst.”

Gio: “Well Grand is just a block that way.”

Woman: “Naw Gran Slam. It’s a liquor sterr. Mah son werks therr.”

Gio: “Oohhh a liquor store. No I’m sorry, I don’t know where that is?”

Woman: (Cheerful voice) “Okay! Have a great day! Baahh!”

(The woman quickly shuffles away far too quickly and easily to have been recently hit by a car)

Gio: “I guess I know what I’m writing about today…..”


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